Call for Presenters

We are calling for presenters from industry, academia and libraries:


These are the thematic areas for the seminar and a guideline for presenters:

  1. A. Industry
  • Information Sources and Research Competencies in industry
  • Information in business
  • Information Literacy at the workplace: the needs of various industries
  • Digital innovation and strategic transformation in industry: the role of information
  • Information and knowledge management in industry
  • Information procurement and use in industry
  • Impact of IL - Feedback from employed graduates
  • Data Literacy in industry


  1. B. Academia
  • Academic and Library collaborations in Information Literacy delivery
  • Preparing students for the workplace with the right IL skills
  • Career-focussed IL curriculum
  • Graduate attributes and support for career-focussed teaching and learning
  • What lessons have been learnt by WIL placements over the years
  • Impact of IL - Feedback from employed graduates

Submission of abstract: Date to be confirmed, e-mail to Ms Janine Lockhart (